'LIR / DARE FM Listener Love Letters (and Hate Mail)

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to send a note and to all who contribute!


Mixing the original music that launched the station with newer music makes it more enjoyable. It brings back the memories of discovering newer music.  Alpha Zulu to INXS range makes it easier to listen longer too!  Hope you are getting positive feedback.  Thank you for the music. - 


Thank you to Holger Lang for his donation!

I saw a documentary about the radio Station 2 years ago. Since that time it' s my favoriten station.   Great music and no silly babbling.  Cheers, Holger - Oberursel, Germany


Thanks to Thomas Lisanti for his donation!

Just love how DARE. FM combines the classic New Wave/alternative music of the 1980s/1990s with current bands with a similar style and sound. My music library has grown tenfold since I started listening about 5 years ago. Best, Tom in NYC
Just keep doing what you're all doing! – Fred


I just want you to know how grateful I am for this station!  I remember the day when I turned on 92.7 from my Bx apartment and realized that the station was taken over by a Latin broadcasting company. I literally SOBBED! I felt a type of mourning that felt like a good friend had gone away. At the time,  I was a new 30-yr old mother and this station was the backbone of my sanity- lol!
Seriously, this music had defined and shaped me from the 1980s being an alternative music lover growing up in a hip- hop/ pop environment in the Bronx. It helped me “belong” to a counter culture that I felt understood me. My children now appreciate all of the great artists and come with me to see the classic bands, like The Cure and Depeche. Please keep up the great job and THANK YOU!

Sincerely,  Carole Finnin


Thanks to Christopher Montclare for his donation!

Continued support from Monte. . . San Carlos, CA and other spots on west coast. Thanks for making the world a better place.


Hey! I just heard the DJ say, "A shout out to our friends in Germany." I am listening right now in Germany! Thanks for all the great music! - With friendly greetings, Eamon Patrick Clune


I am over the MOON about finding my beloved WLIR again! And listening online is a heck of a lot easier than me trying to maximize reception by putting one hand on the radio and holding a wire hanger in the other while hanging out the window like when I was 13????  - Miss Bekah


Thanks to Robert Zumatto in NYC for his donation!

Been listening since the end of 1982. Your station changed my life and for that I'm still grateful!


I think I just heard my name on the radio in the thank you commercials!  I'm not sure how I'm listed, but I'm claiming "Kathleen from Northport" since I've written in the past about how I play the station in my Northport Middle School classroom, although my receipt below has my home address and I made the donation while I was at school!  So even if that wasn't me, that totally made me smile.  So thank you!!!  *smile*  Sincerley, Kathleen Moore   Listener since 1995  (On 98.5 since I lived out in Mattituck and 92.7 didn't teach that far!)


Thanks to Rocco Cassano in Northport, NY for his donation!

Rocking from Arizona!! Listening to WLIR since '79 - Max


Just found it 


John in Clearwater Fla...grew up on long island ...wlir 92.7 was on my radio all the time...then wdre till the sad when it you are back...the clubs in the 80's were fathers place....OBI...Bawdy barn...great memories....please play some English beat and some replacements


Thanks to Sue Maddi for her donation!


Very grateful to be enjoying your station for so many years; been a listener since the 80's when broadcasting on fm.  Thank you for all your efforts. – Phil  


  Thanks to Jerry Idec for his donation!

Huge fan of LIR in 80s.  Was getting the signal in Denville NJ.  Was searching synth-pop dance clubs in NYC, discovered Subculture Dance Club in LI, discovered DJ Cody on twitch, last night listened to live show, there was a reference to LIR, checked out LIR on wikipedia, discovered your site.  Has brought me joy already.  : )


Thanks to Sebastian Raab for his donation!                                                                              

I stream your programme via website. WLIR plays a good mix. Because of the time difference, I listen to your station almost only at night. Lots a good music and little talking. I enjoy that very much.  Many thanks and best regards from Munich - Sebastian


Grew up on WLIR. Great to get a taste of it again. Memories and better than anything on the "dial " – Ken    


Glad to have found you. I live in California now but lived on Long Island when WLIR segued from album rock (e.g., the Party in the Park) to the new music of Punk and New Wave (the Second British Invasion). Many nights spent at Spit and Malibu. As a result, your work resonates strongly with me. I've already passed your App around to other folks on the Island. Thank you for your efforts and keep up the good work.   Stay safe, Mark


This is PJ from San Francisco. Born/raised on Long Island. I was in college at St. John's University in 1982 when WLIR changed formats and it changed my life. I truly believe that music has an influence on your life. Keep doing what you are doing. – Patrick Banahan


Thanks to Michael Davidson for the generous donation!


LOVE...LOVE...LOVE...the station. THANK YOU AGAIN! – Larry in Hawthorne NY


Life is going good here but I sure do miss life back on Long Island!!  I hope that you are enjoying and doing well also!   p.s. thank you so much for reaching out and saying hi! You really add the "personal touch" and I am quite honestly honored! (I have even heard my name mentioned along with your so many other fans and fellow supporters!  So sweet!).  I always LOVE listening to your very awesome DARE FM and as Larry the Duck says "we're really WLIR in witness protection"...that's so funny and that always makes me laugh!  ;) Thank you all for what you do and for ALWAYS playing the MOST AWESOME and BEST TUNES!!! With sincerest appreciation from you forever fan,  Gina Rapone in Wyoming


Thank you for keeping the station up and running. - Rocco Cassano


I'm Eric Martini's neighbor, in NC  he got me to download this app, I'm from the UK and I turned 8 of my Friends back in the UK on to this app – Sadie Richards


?? I grew up in Floral Park , Listen to 92.7 and I purchased all my Dj-equipment, from Robert Wilson @ ???? kits  - Ric Marti


Tim Grogan Point Lookot NY rocking Malibu with "Larry the Duck" on weekends during the 80's.


Thank you for keeping WLIR / WDRE spirit alive.  Mark Boran  Costa Mesa, CA


Hi, it's Maria from Northport, NY  Wow! New Order AND the Pet Shop Boys... I wonder if Marcus from A Discovery of Witches will be there? I know I'd love to be there. Sincerely, Maria married LIVE on WLIR/WDRE on February 14, 1997


You guys have nailed it. No station does alt 40 yrs the way you do. Thank You. - Tim Muller



I recently found your station again on Tune In by searching DARE FM.  So glad to be able to stream it through Tune In again!  So glad in fact, that I made a donation to the station today. Thanks for your help, Bob Smith Baltimore MD


Listening in Manhattan - Chinatown/LES. – Evan


Legendary New Music Station. WLIR was a legendary ground breaking new music station in the 80's that changed my life and music on Long Island. It continues on with this app. The great thing is that it still plays new music, seamlessly mixed with the old. I have heard songs I have not heard in 25 years as well as new bands. - grisingstar


Listen on the train to and from NYC. My brother Jack Carroll has been a long-time listener and donator. He turned me onto the station. -  Nancy Carroll Long Branch, NJ


Great station blows 90.7 and 92.3 away. - Kerry Coyle Arale


Radio Heaven! I am so glad to have WLIR back in my life! This station was my lifeline in my teen and college years. I was such a misfit in my town and family, but the music and community feeling of WLIR helped me be myself. This app is simple, but works well. The music is as fun and quirky as ever. Thanks Rob Wilson for keeping the WLIR spirit and presence strong!  -  Saywhat17


WLIR is my hands down favorite radio station. You continue to introduce me to great new bands. - Katharine Bride  Long Island City NY


Stephen Viola wrote: Love it, brings back memories and chance to hear some new stuff but still favor the classics - Stephen Viola


I grew up in Manhattan but bought extra special antennae (sometimes a hanger) just to listen to WLIR. I was totally addicted. I often think of that radio station as a good friend who really understood me. If I need a moment to feel 16 again, I play "The Dominatrix Sleeps tonight" and dance. If I need a good cry, it's "No More I Love Yous" by the Lover Speaks.  Thanks for keeping it going.  Alizon


Just wanted to let you know that we listen as background music during class and my 8th graders are so excited every time the "Larry the Duck" intro music comes on! A few weeks ago they mentioned how they love that they know the lyrics to the "song". haha!  We're in Northport, here on Long Island. *smile* I stream any time I can here at school.  Sometimes you've just got to listen to music that makes the teacher happy!


I am in Bayonne, NJ.  I listen to a lot of the Saturday Night Dance Party podcasts and always try to have the station on when I am in the kitchen. I’ve turned a few friends on to the station as well, Thanks for all of the hard work. - Jack


Listening in Manhattan but originally a Great Neck kid who grew up with WLIR & it's so nice to have you back. I am listening to songs I haven't heard in years & years. Thank you!    Lee Klinger, CPA  New York, NY


Thank you for playing the music I have loved for so long and the new music I love too. Your station makes me so happy! - Randi L Dorman


I am from the Philadelphia area originally and used to listen to WDRE out of Jenkintown back in 1992.  After watching the Showtime documentary a couple of years ago I found the the DRE/WLIR internet station and now listen religiously. I only wish I had access back in the early 1980s to this format. We didn't have anything similar in the Philly area at that time.  Keep up the good work!  - Frank


Huge fan of the station from the 92.7 WLIR days in the 1980's.  Very cool that you have found a way to keep the tradition alive.  I hope others here in the U.K. are tuning's my favourite thing to listen to on the tube on the way to work!  - BT London


Hello Bob! We listen from the Bronx where we live and from Manhattan where I work!  Keep playing our awesome music!!  Be well. Virginia and Herbert Negron


Listening in Middletown, NJ and whenever traveling. Spreading the word about the app all the time. Everyone I tell is loving it.


Listening in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, here in NY! Have many fond memories of you guys. Thanks for all your hard work! -  Tatiana


Only radio station I listen to daily. I live in Manhattan. Yes, there is a pic of me on the website with my swag.  Tom


Discovered you today thanks to a friend that I used to dj 80s music with. I stopped actively listening to alternative in 1992. I'm so happy that you play 90s-present that keeps that 80s aesthetic alive. Even happier that you're on my AppleTV. Keep us dancing! - Ian Malbon


I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have WLIR back. That station saved my sanity when I was a punk kid growing up in an uber-preppy suburb where I never fit in. Your music — old and new — still rocks. And my inner teenager is beyond stoked! Thanks again, Jenn


I listened to WLIR all while it was on FM while growing up in Manhattan.

I am now located In Guilford CT and listen to you while I'm in the gym and on weekends I was such a fan of WLIR and it brought such great music into my life. Thanks to WLIR I brought U2 to my Trinity college campus in '85 when they were still so new!! Thanks for making such a great streaming radio station!  You have changed my life. - Daphne


Alternative radio the way I like it, the clash Janie Jones, squeeze if I didn't love u I'd hate u, rancid fall back down! - Michele Dieter


Hey, I am absolutely loving the station! I was a big New Wave fan in the 80's. We picked up LIR in Mahwah NJ because my dad had an FM antenna in the attic and an audiophile Dynaco FM-3 tube-based tuner. Fantastic sound. I moved to Boston mid-80's and listened to WFNX for a long time. Sadly, I let my extensive collection of vinyl go (OMD, Yaz, Depeche Mode, Erasure, Men Without Hats, etc., picture disks, farbigen vinyl) some time in the 90's. In the 80's, I used to go to the (then famous, local) 'One Step Beyond' nightclub in West Patterson, NJ where the DJ's were brought in from NYC.  In the later 80's and 90's 'Spit 13' on Lansdowne St in Boston had the best music. At that point I had started including Nitzer Ebb to my collection. Now I listen from Groton, MA (about an hour northwest of Boston), but I'll be going to the OMD show in Boston on May 1! Should be great! – Phil



I do enjoy listening to again as I did all through the 80's. In fact, it's playing on my stereo currently. I agree, 25% is a good mix for new stuff. These suggestions are artists that are currently popular in the UK that I think match the traditional WLIR genre perfectly. I also monitor RadioX out of London & Manchester, they're a good source of new material by "WLIR genre" artists as well.  Thanks for doing all you do. Cheers, Randy


I live in Minneapolis now but lived in the NY/NJ area for much of my adult life. Listened to WLIR all the time. I hear you all through I heart radio and tune in with Apple Music and Alexa/Amazon. Thanks


Awesome to have the station that dares....

Really happy with this standalone WLIR (WDRE) app. This radio station set and transformed alternative music in the day and now it's here with the best classics and all the music today that makes the grade! Thanks!   tfigs


WLIR... Can't be kept down! So happy to have WLIR back! With the loss of Live365, I had some general panic about not being able to hear the best station on planet earth again... Yes, yes there are 'others' in the space, but they pale in comparison to WLIR. You can't tell a computer how to take the right / different / alternative songs and mid them to today's songs that match the same vibe... Greatest mix, right songs.


Been listening to WLIR since 1985 and want to stream you on my Sonos here in Munich. Whats your streaming URL? Thans so much!!!!

-Alice M. Inman-Morgan Esq.Leonrodstraße  München, Deutschland


I’ve been an LIR/DRE fan since I moved to NYC in 1987. I’m listening in Manhattan. - Spyro


Been a fan of the station since the WLIR days - love what you're doing, I'm so glad you're keeping it alive!   You guys rule!   - George


Thanks for playing the music I love. There is new music out there that is in the same genre that made WLIR a groundbreaking station. is the only station that gives these newer bands the airplay they deserve.  I'm listening in Metuchen, NJ.-  Randall Roberts



Listening in Rockville Centre, NY (Long Island)....was a WLIR 92.7 fan from the late 70's and 80's (I'm 60 now).    Grateful Dead, Alternatives music (Heads, 52s, U2, etc etc).     Donna Donna and Dennis Mac and of course,   Larrrreeee !   -   Philip C Kalafatis,


I have loved you since WLIR first came through the speakers of my 1974 Chevy Nova. I wouldn't have survived my teenage/young adulthood without you. ????????‍??? .- Sandra DiPasca NYC


I've listened for years, starting when I was a kid growing up in Islip... With your online presence, I've listened from Afghanistan and Iraq, Mali, Uganda, and of course, the USA. Currently, I listen almost daily while sitting at my desk in Houston, Texas.  I am so grateful that WDRE/WLIR lives on...   Best, Clark


DARE FM now!  Call letter change not format, thank goodness! I still listen on TuneIn or iHeart, but I do hope another dedicated app is coming. Five stars because LIR has been a favorite since 1982.


The Music of my childhood is back!!!??????  Love the 90’s but I’m an 80’s at ♥?. I love the clothes, the TV and more importantly the MUSIC!! WLIR, 92.7 on the FM dial was my favorite station of my generation. As a 20 something, ‘LIR played music no other station played, true alternative, new wave music. WLIR was the first station to introduce me and others to artists like, U2, Depeche Mode, The Smiths, Culture Club, The B-52’s, The Bangles, The Cure, The Go-Go’s, Duran Duran and others. Well, unbeknownst to me, WLIR is on the internet and also has an app that captures the spirit of the music of my childhood along with mixing some newbies in there that would make WLIR the ORIGINAL in alternative music. Any fans of this music, I recommend you download the app and relive the memories of your childhood as well! THANK YOU ROB WILSON!!


WLIR is BACK! This app is perfect! When Live365 shutdown I was seriously upset that I wouldn't be able to listen to THE best station I've been listening for decades! This app is leagues better than the aforementioned service. Fire it up and it instantly starts playing. No commercials or announcements or delays. Just beautiful alternative music both classic and new. Thank you WLIR for treating your loyal listeners right!  -  JKELLY40


Greatest station(s) of all time. So bittersweet, makes me happy and melancholy at the same time.  It’s like looking at an old photo album.

Thanks for the app!!!!!


DARE TO BE DIFFERENT!!!!!!!!  - NewWaveGrrl


Radio Heaven! I am so glad to have WLIR back in my life! This station was my lifeline in my teen and college years. I was such a misfit in my town and family, but the music and community feeling of WLIR helped me be myself. This app is simple, but works well. The music is as fun and quirky as ever. Thanks Rob Wilson for keeping the WLIR spirit and presence strong!



Awesome to have the station that dares....  Really happy with this stand alone WLIR (WDRE) app. This radio station set and transformed alternative music in the day and now it's here with the best classics and all the music today that makes the grade! Thanks! - tfigs


DARE FM now! Call letter change not format, thank goodness! I still listen on TuneIn or iHeart, but I do hope another dedicated app is coming. Five stars because LIR has been a favorite since 1982. - Green Destiny 1964


Great source for alternative music, both classic and modern.


Always in a happy mood when I listen to DARE-FM. Transports me back to the beach and amazing summers, lifeguard nights at a Malibu and concerts lots and lots of concerts ????  - Jennifer Abramowitz  Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Originally from Rockaway Beach, NY


Keep up the awesome tunes! I am enjoying the mix of the old songs I love plus the new songs that sound great too. It seems like this option gives you the opportunity to go deeper and broader than First Wave. Cecilia  Philadelphia, PA


Hello!  I've been listening to WLIR and now WDARE since 1983!  I'm currently in Arlington,  Virginia. I dare to be different!  :-)  All the best,  Wally                                                                                                                              

Been a fan of WLIR since the beginning.  I've even turned my two teens into fans.  We're using the pandemic time to paint the house and are up on a 60' lift enjoying the show. Thx! - Todd Insler


We're in Los Angeles, but we're from Long Island. I'm from East Islip and my husband is from Bohemia. We grew up listening. My husband won a beach chair from you once! Now we're sharing your music with our kid every morning - and today she reminded us to donate :)  - Kristen Weber


Can't believe it took me this long to find this. My friends and I used to run a club while attending Stony Brook University called "Tokyo Joes" from '84-'86. We had a DJ from WLIR there for every event. We'd like to think we were partly responsible for getting "APB" here to play at TJs. Lately we've been seeing all the 80's bands like "The B52s and Howard Jones". It's great to have had WLIR as the gateway for all those amazing bands and music of the 80's.   Simply the best station ever!   - Peter Fox


I'm listening in Minneapolis, MN. I found your internet station after watching Dare to be Different that I borrowed from the library.


I'm in Los Angeles.  I have the station on all the time.   I'm originally from Queens. My wife is from Long Island.  We grew up listening to LIR and DRE.  She went to Hempstead High School and still has the original signed bumper stickers she was given when she went to the station just to say hi and check it out. – Steve Molaro


I've been listening to WLIR since the beginning...  When I lived in Freeport and went to Freeport High School to my college years at Stony Brook to now. I currently live in Brightwaters and teach at Nassau Community College.  WLIR is literally my most favorite station past, present and hopefully future. I spent many a night at Malibu (First U2 concert) Spyz, My Father's Place, Sprats,007, Thrush, Paris NY etc....  My wife used to work at Sprats back in the day and get drunk with Malibu Sue..   Back over at Stony Brook we used to throw a biweekly party called Tokyo Joes and WLIR DJ's would come down and mix… We had the Alarm, APB, Flock of SeagulLs, U2 ( just before I attended) and many more... All because of WLIR....The documentary was amazing and really makes me yearn for the days of radio at times, but hey, things change...

I wish you all the best of luck and hope that you can continue to bring us listeners the music that we loved then and continue to love now... 

Sincerely Peter Fox


Listening from NJ  but first heard WLIR/WDRE while attending college in White Plains in the 80's. Had an empty can of Tab soda dangling from my boombox’s antenna to help get the signal! Love the mix of old and new music. It's great!  – Diana


We followed you guys all over, Aldo’s Hideaway in Passaic, Malibu, 007, OBI South etc. I still have an unused 92. 7 WLIR Window Decal, it's going to the grave with me-unused. Still listening here from LA. Keep up the good work - Will (From Staten Island)


Listener from way back. Live broadcasts at MFP. Made many mixtapes. Even named my cat Screamer in 1987. - Janet Bennet


Thanks for continue being the leading edge of Alternative music for New York and the World! I'm a long time listener, having caught the wave back in 1983 (and have been riding it ever since)!


Thankful for your stream (truly), and hope you are on the air well into the next millennium!  Thanks again for decades of great music & keep streaming! - Kenn Dancer II, WLIR-WDRE-WLIR Listener.


I started listening a few months ago, and haven't really stopped listening since, driving, relaxing, while at work.... I'm 42, and through your station I'm always hearing a mix of songs I like, new wave, rock etc., hearing old music I never heard before, and new music that stands out (when so much so-called music these days is just manufactured, samey pop). It's also great to listen to something that's more than just a stream of selected music tracks, but has an identity and a tradition. It's become important to me and I really appreciate the work that was done to put it back streaming online, long may it continue.  Regards, Robert Jackson listening in Australia


Amazing station.  I used to listen to the original WLIR/WDRE in Northern New Jersey growing up   Thank you for broadcasting this! I currently listen to your station on iHeartRadio. I will definitely spread the word. Many of my friends love this kind of music. Great to hear that WLIR is back and running.  - Barton Lee

'LIR still giving us the best music, vintage and brand new! Thanks for still being here!  I'm listening just miles from beautiful downtown Garden City, here in Mineola on Long Island!  -  Neal Citro


Thanks for continuing the great music from the past! Takes me back to my high school and college days. Best station ever!


Thanks for keeping the dream alive! ...I can't tell you how devastated I was when LIR closed down, for a long time you guys were my only support when I had nothing. I grew up listening from the Bronx, NY, I live in lower CT now, Trumbull to be specific.


I’m in Miami, FL now.  Originally from NYC, listened to WLIR and WDRE for many years. Stoked to continue doing so online.  I’ve told so many of my friends about it, now spread out the US and beyond.  Thank you!!!  Rock on guys! - Willibald Garcia


I already saw the documentary and it was excellent, although I was of those that actually lived it .. I was in college in Westchester county from 81/85. I remember all the DJ’s and the specific shows. “Off the Boat“ and the ever popular “ Screamer of the Week “.. I remember how relevant of a station it was and the brilliance of its playing all the new music first. I have been listening to all genres of music but the 80’s has always resonated most.  Best Francoise.


Welcome back! Was a big fan back in 80's early 90's. I’m on Long Island!


Thanks to Rory MacGregor listening in London for his donation. I grew up in Westchester and used to listen to WLIR in the 80's and early 90's.

I have been a listener since the 70s..its so good to have you back...can’t stop listening ... Augie , listening in Williston Park  NY


Thanks LIR for continuing to air the great music! - I grew up in Northport in the 80s, my sister Monica and I talked about the songs and played them non-stop. - Matthew Sarosy

I grew up in East Islip, NY, that why I know of you guys.  So happy you're still around.  Been listening for over a year now, only finally able to make a regular donation.  - Wes Pittsburgh, PA


So excited to find WLIR again!  You and your team are doin such a great job capturing that "Dare to be Different" spirit and balancing new artists with those WLIR "modern rock" classics that we all love.  I usually start listening around 7:00 pm EDT as I find the station a great way to unwind after a long day.  My 7-year old is listening as well, so this great music is being introduced to a whole new generation.  Keep up the great work and thank you for bringing the station back as it continues to be so important for so many.  Wish I could donate more!  Tracey Henry in NYC


I am listening to WLIR in Key West, Florida. Absolutely love it!  Thank you!  - Joseph Weldon


I am a Old School listener from the 70's... Thanks for all songs...Ii grew up in Queens Village ...Had a WLIR Bumber Sticker on my car... Currently in Freehold N J....- John


Thanks!  Just moved to NC after being  born/raised in NYC and on WLIR.  We listen online daily to get away from the sucky radio down here. - George High Knife NYC


It is great to see LIR re-emerge and streaming successfully. The well balanced mix of heritage classics and new music gives it a pleasant nostalgic feel along with an appreciation for new and undiscovered artists. WLIR sounds like no other radio station! - Victor Porcheddu


It is truly unique and the prototype for the alternative genre that proudly led the insurgency at the 92.7 frequency against the New York radio album oriented rock "clone zone" with safe and tiresome and predictable programming.  We were looking for an alternative to the foul stench of the fm airwaves and WLIR liberated us all from this listening plight with bold audacious and innovative music, playing it least six months ahead of everyone else. I have been listening since the format change back in nineteen eighty two! Love listening to it everyday on the streaming app or iHeartRadio. All of the best to you and your continued success.  

Sincerely,  Victor Porcheddu


Very sad day when 92.7 went "Buena"...very happy to find you...would like to hear screamers of the week but i know that's asking too much

Just wanna thank you guys for coming back on the air I’ve been away for a while & use listen to WLIR religiously when i was a kid.  When WLIR went off the air along with everyone else I was devastated.   So happy you’re back on. - M Pacheco Jr


I just hope your station -the best radio ever- stays alive ! Good Luck Bob, Buz Leander Eldredge


Hello! I used to listen to WDRE/LIR between 1988-1995 when I lived in NYC. I now live in Belgrade, Serbia and I listen to the live stream everyday. My friends and colleagues listen to it with me everyday. I tell them how it was the center of my life as a teenager and its importance in the history of New Wave music. You can expect more listeners from Serbia in 2019. Cheers! - Der Kosmonaut


Bob: I just want to thank all of you for taking me back to a magical place in my life.  Listening to WLIR again, and hearing the familiar voices of the DJ's, energizes me. Craig Schumacker


I don't want to lose this again...  Maybe we'll even find a few new future classics, dare I say Screamers, along the way.


I bought the documentary, and was interested in the part where the older format was losing ad revenue to the other similar format stations.  Hence the dramatic decision to stray from the beaten path of "Rock".  Revenue is what will keep this going.  Frankly, I want you all to be very rich.  We were robbed when LIR left, and while DRE was good, I remember my friends and I commenting that something had been lost in the transition.


Hello Bob!  My husband is from Long Island and seems to remember you from the old days.  He was so excited to find you and the alternative music you program, and he listens most days.  I felt like we needed to contribute at least a little to something we enjoy so much!  -  Melody


Listening in New Hampshire. I used to listen to LIR and DRE when I lived in CT. It's nice that you all have made the effort to keep it going.  Thank you! – Tim


Former Long Islander, now in FL. Keep playing that old school LIR new wave. :)  Suzanne Zappala


I'm in Chevy Chase, Maryland but grew up listening to DRE in the Bronx (Co-op City).  We have a little living room dance party every Saturday night with WDARE!   And I also stream your station while I'm cooking! Love the station sooooo much. Thank you ????   - Judy


I listen in Pueblo, CO. Introduced to WLIR by Med School Roommate in 1984. Never forgot how good it was. Found it again a few years ago by doing web search. Very popular when I play it in my Operating Room. Keep up the good stream. Merry Christmas!


Greetings from London. Been a fan of WLIR and WDRE since the 1980s. - Raul McGregor


Thank you for the music!! Listening in San Diego, California! -  Athena


I just discovered the online station and I want to scream for joy. I feel nineteen again!  I can't believe my favorite teen station is back. The memories are flooding my brain.  I was a New York teenager sick of the slick pop on regular radio and then I found you guys. I actually saw Jesus Jones and Nine Inch Nails in concert back when they just got started, how lucky was I? Thank you for coming back into my life with such great music and amazing memories.   -  Tali Tzror Listening in Israel


Vincent Paul Bartilucci - I was 3 months shy of my 16th birthday when the format changed in August 1982. WLIR and the music it played had a tremendous impact on me. It taught me that different isn't just okay, it's cool. I just signed up for a recurring donation. I wish it could be more.


Enjoying the Saturday Night Dance Party, though it is almost 10am here in Kampala, Uganda. Here for work, but grew up on the Island and glad to have a touch of home while working. As you said, available around the world... - Jace