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Thanks to Jennifer for her generous donation! Always in a happy mood when I listen to DARE-FM. Transports me back to the beach and amazing summers, lifeguard nights at a Malibu and concerts lots and lots of concerts ???? - Jennifer Abramowitz Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Originally from Rockaway Beach, NY

Keep up the awesome tunes! I am enjoying the mix of the old songs I love plus the new songs that sound great too. It seems like this option gives you the opportunity to go deeper and broader than First Wave. Cecilia Philadelphia, PA

I've listened for years, starting when I was a kid growing up in Islip... With your online presence, I've listened from Afghanistan and Iraq, Mali, Uganda, and of course, the USA. Currently, I listen almost daily while sitting at my desk in Houston, Texas. I am so grateful that WDRE/WLIR lives on...

Thanks to Andrew in Dix Hills, NY for his donation!

Stephen Viola wrote: Love it, brings back memories and chance to hear some new stuff but still favor the classics - Stephen Viola

Thanks for playing the music I love. There is new music out there that is in the same genre that made WLIR a groundbreaking station. is the only station that gives these newer bands the airplay they deserve. I'm listening in Metuchen, NJ.- Randall Roberts

Thanks to Wallis for his donation. Hello! I've been listening to WLIR and now WDARE since 1983! I'm currently in Arlington, Virginia. I dare to be different! :-) All the best, Wally

Listen on the train to and from NYC. My brother Jack Carroll has been a long time listener and donator. He turned me onto the station. - Nancy Carroll Long Branch, NJ

Thanks Judith Perez Caro - Still my favorite station! Now in Chevy Chase Maryland:-)

Been a fan of WLIR since the beginning. I've even turned my two teens into fans. We're using the pandemic time to paint the house and are up on a 60' lift enjoying the show. Thx! - Todd Insler

We're in Los Angeles, but we're from Long Island. I'm from East Islip and my husband is from Bohemia. We grew up listening. My husband won a beach chair from you once! Now we're sharing your music with our kid every morning - and today she reminded us to donate :) - Kristen Weber

Thanks to John for his generous donation! I've donated before. Would hate to lose this station! – John Kingston Carle Place, New York.

Can't believe it took me this long to find this. My friends and I used to run a club while attending Stony Brook University called "Tokyo Joes" from '84-'86. We had a DJ from WLIR there for every event. We'd like to think we were partly responsible for getting "APB" here to play at TJs. Lately we've been seeing all the 80's bands like "The B52s and Howard Jones". It's great to have had WLIR as the gateway for all those amazing bands and music of the 80's. Simply the best station ever! - Peter Fox

Thanks to Michael for his donation! I'm listening in Minneapolis, MN. I found your internet station after watching Dare to be Different that I borrowed from the library.

Thanks to Steve for his donation! I'm in Los Angeles. I have the station on all the time. I'm originally from Queens. My wife is from Long Island. We grew up listening to LIR and DRE. She went to Hempstead High School and still has the original signed bumper stickers she was given when she went to the station just to say hi and check it out. – Steve Molaro

Thanks to Fred Ritz for his donation! Long-time listener across the Sound back in day when WLIR/ WDRE were on the air. Keep the music flowing, you guys are doing great. Love the mix of old and new. No one else does that, you have to listen to one or the other. Listening in Woodbridge, Connecticut.

Thanks to Diana for her generous donation! Listening from NJ but first heard WLIR/WDRE while attending college in White Plains in the 80's. Had an empty can of Tab soda dangling from my boombox’s antenna to help get the signal! Love the mix of old and new music. It's great! Happy New Year! – Diana

We followed you guys all over, Aldo’s Hideaway in Passaic, Malibu, 007, OBI South etc. I still have an unused 92. 7 WLIR Window Decal, it's going to the grave with me-unused. Still listening here from LA. Keep up the good work - Will (From Staten Island)

WLIR is my hands down favorite radio station. You continue to introduce me to great new bands. – Katharine Bride Long Island City NY

Great station blows 90.7 and 92.3 away. - Kerry Coyle Arale

Thanks for continue being the leading edge of Alternative music for New York and the World! I'm a long time listener, having caught the wave back in 1983 (and have been riding it ever since)!

Thankful for your stream (truly), and hope you are on the air well into the next millennium! Thanks again for decades of great music & keep streaming! - Kenn Dancer II, WLIR-WDRE-WLIR Listener.

Thanks to Robert for his donation! I started listening a few months ago, and haven't really stopped listening since, driving, relaxing, while at work.... I'm 42, and through your station I'm always hearing a mix of songs I like, new wave, rock etc., hearing old music I never heard before, and new music that stands out (when so much so-called music these days is just manufactured, samey pop). It's also great to listen to something that's more than just a stream of selected music tracks, but has an identity and a tradition. It's become important to me and I really appreciate the work that was done to put it back streaming online, long may it continue. Regards, Robert Jackson listening in Australia

Amazing station. I used to listen to the original WLIR/WDRE in Northern New Jersey growing up Thank you for broadcasting this! I currently listen to your station on iHeartRadio. I will definitely spread the word. Many of my friends love this kind of music. Great to hear that WLIR is back and running. - Barton Lee

'LIR still giving us the best music, vintage and brand new! Thanks for still being here! I'm listening just miles from beautiful downtown Garden City, here in Mineola on Long Island! - Neal Citro

Thanks to Frank DAngelo for his donation. Thanks for continuing the great music from the past! Takes me back to my high school and college days. Best station ever!

Thanks to Tommy from The Bronx for his donation! I really wish it could be more, I hope soon it will be, thanks for keeping the dream alive! ...I can't tell you how devastated I was when LIR closed down, for a long time you guys were my only support when I had nothing. I grew up listening from the Bronx, NY, I live in lower CT now, Trumbull to be specific.

I’m in Miami, FL now. Originally from NYC, listened to WLIR and WDRE for many years. Stoked to continue doing so online. I’ve told so many of my friends about it, now spread out the US and beyond. Thank you!!! Rock on guys! - Willibald Garcia

I already saw the documentary and it was excellent, although I was of those that actually lived it .. I was in college in Weschester county from 81/85. I remember all the DJ’s and the specific shows. “ Off the Boat “ and the ever popular “ Screamer of the Week “.. I remember how relevant of a station it was and the brilliance of its playing all the new music first..I have been listening to all genres of music but the 80’s has always resonated most. Best Francoise.

Thanks to David Cohen for his donation! Welcome back! Was a big fan back in 80's early 90's. I’m on Long Island!

Thanks to Rory MacGregor listening in London for his donation. I grew up in Westchester and used to listen to WLIR in the 80's and early 90's.

I have been a listener since the 70s..its so good to have you back...can’t stop listening ... Augie , listening in Williston Park NY

Thanks to Matthew Sarosy for his donation! Thanks LIR for continuing to air the great music! - I grew up in Northport in the 80s, my sister Monica and I talked about the songs and played them non-stop.

Thanks to Wes for his donation! I grew up in East Islip, NY, that why I know of you guys. So happy you're still around. Been listening for over a year now, only finally able to make a regular donation. - Wes Pittsburgh, PA

Thanks to Tracey Henry for her donation! So excited to find WLIR again! You and your team are doin such a great job capturing that "Dare to be Different" spirit and balancing new artists with those WLIR "modern rock" classics that we all love. I usually start listening around 7:00 pm EDT as I find the station a great way to unwind after a long day. My 7-year old is listening as well, so this great music is being introduced to a whole new generation. Keep up the great work and thank you for bringing the station back as it continues to be so important for so many. Wish I could donate more! Tracey Henry in NYC

Thanks to Joseph Weldon for his donation! I am listening to WLIR in Key West, Florida. Absolutely love it! Thank you!

I am a Old School listener from the 70's... Thanks for all songs...Ii grew up in Queens Village ...Had a WLIR Bumber Sticker on my car... Currently in Freehold N J....- John

Thanks to Brad Huff for his generous donation! Listening in Tucson, AZ. Your station is amazing. Thanks - Brad

You guys have nailed it. No station does alt 40 yrs the way you do. Thank You. - Tim Muller

Thanks! Just moved to NC after being born/raised in NYC and on WLIR. We listen online daily to get away from the sucky radio down here. - George High Knife NYC

It is great to see LIR re-emerge and streaming successfully. The well balanced mix of heritage classics and new music gives it a pleasant nostalgic feel along with an appreciation for new and undiscovered artists. WLIR sounds like no other radio station! - Victor Porcheddu

Enjoying the Saturday Night Dance Party, though it is almost 10am here in Kampala, Uganda. Here for work, but grew up on the Island and glad to have a touch of home while working. As you said, available around the world... - Jace

Thanks to Christopher Hoffman in Sparta, NJ for his donation! - Grew up on Long Island and listened all the time. Watched the documentary last night. Great times! I'll make more donations in the future. Thanks for the keeping station alive

Thanks to Sean for his donation! Listening in Middletown, NJ and whenever traveling. Spreading the word about the app all the time. Everyone I tell is loving it.

I just want to thank all of you for taking me back to a magical place in my life. Listening to WLIR again, and hearing the familiar voices of the DJ's, energizes me. Craig Schumacker

Hello! I used to listen to DRE/LIR between 1988-1995 when I lived in NYC. I now live in Belgrade, Serbia and I listen to the live stream everyday. My friends and colleagues listen to it with me everyday. I tell them how it was the center of my life as a teenager and its importance in the history of New Wave music. You can expect more listeners from Serbia in 2019. Cheers! - Der Kosmonaut

Thanks to Joe Weldon for his generous donation! - I am listening to WLIR in Key West, Florida. Absolutely love it! Thanks to Buz for his donation! I just hope your station -the best radio ever- stays alive !

Thanks to Spyro for his monthly donation! I’ve been an LIR/DRE fan since I moved to NYC in 1987. I’m listening in Manhattan.

Just wanna thank you guys for coming back on the air I’ve been away for a while & use listen to WLIR religiously when i was a kid. When WLIR went off the air along with everyone else I was devastated. So happy you’re back on. - M Pacheco Jr

I am now living in Riverton, Wyoming, and am so amazed that I can listen once again to 'LIR, and all the so very happy memories are coming back to me. The classic music along with all the new stuff is so great and you have made me so very, very happy, and I truly thank you all for that!!!!! ! I purchased a t-shirt, a baseball cap and a beanie hat so that I can let everyone know about 'LIR, and I'm telling EVERYONE to tune in! - Gina Rapone

Discovered you today thanks to a friend that I used to dj 80s music with. I stopped actively listening to alternative in 1992. I'm so happy that you play 90s-present that keeps that 80s aesthetic alive. Even happier that you're on my AppleTV. Keep us dancing! - Ian Malbon

Thanks to Monte in San Carlos, CA for his donation! - I very much enjoyed listening to you guys growing up in the 80s and happy to have you streaming.

Thanks to Vincent Paul Bartilucci - I was 3 months shy of my 16th birthday when the format changed in August 1982. WLIR and the music it played had a tremendous impact on me. It taught me that different isn't just okay, it's cool. I just signed up for a recurring donation. I wish it could be more.

Thanks to Cathleen Combs for her donation! - Happy to support WLIR - one of my favorite things in life! I'm Cathy from Oceanside and so glad you guys are back!

Christopher Bianco - Thrilled to death LIR is back!! Missed you guys, been listening since 1983.

Thanks to Joe & Suzie for their recurring donation! - Me and my sweetheart grew up listening to WLIR and now listen online 24/7

Claudine Vivian - Saw the documentary...And listened at lunch. So glad you are here! This music was my teen + years! Thank you! Anxious to see what you bring today!

Gregory Healy - I've missed you guys for years and thrilled you've put this together.

I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have WLIR back. That station saved my sanity when I was a punk kid growing up in an uber-preppy suburb where I never fit in. Your music — old and new — still rocks. And my inner teenager is beyond stoked! Thanks again, Jenn

Thanks to Steve Molaro from Los Angeles for his donation!

Janine Howe - “Best station ever. Great to hear the Duck. This music makes me happy - always!”

Thanks to Charles Prestigiacomo for his donation!

I was stunned to find you back on the air this morning! Thank God. Radio has sucked without you. I still play old tapes of your shows from the 80s - 90s. I hope you can stay on the air forever. Will donate in a few weeks...Love this music!- Buz

Thanks to William Welch for his donation!

Thanks to James McKenna for his donation! Thanks for doing what you do. It's great music. - James

Louise - Hi! We're listening from Mexico! Love your station, it's just a happy place!

Thanks to Cornelius O’Donnell for his donation!

Thanks to Alan Abrams for his donation! - Grew up on Long Island & LIR. Live near Boston now and listening on the iPhone app. Showtime documentary was great. Truly happy LIR is back.

Thanks to John Capobianco for his donation! - I am glad to help. I live in New York City currently and listen to you on TuneIn radio on my Alexa.

Howard Davidson - I've been a fan of WLIR since I was young. I went to Buffalo State college when WBNY FM was born, and loved that it took it's vibe from LIR.

Thanks to David in Scotland for his donation!

We’re having flashbacks here today. Loving the music. - Michael & Tanya in Milford, PA (ex-Long Islanders from many moons ago – and still happily married!!)

John Sielaff - I'm livin' out in San Diego, CA USA just gettin things done on the computer while listenin to WLIR and would love to hear something from Joy Division

Looking forward to hearing you guys on the air in my car once again. Best of luck in that endeavor and please let us fans know if we can help [donations, writing to your old nemesis the FCC, etc..Cheers, Bill T

Thanks to Bruce Dalis for his contribution!

Had NO idea you were back! Saw the doc on Showtime this weekend and was just googling at work, and this website came up - I'm one of those kids that first heard I Will Follow on your air and... lol, whoever's reading this was probably not even born yet. So I'll finish now. Thanks for being back! – Carol

Thanks to Beatriz Salinas for her donation - "Keep up the good work! :-) Viva WLIR Radio!"

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